Every single session with Jill has gone above and beyond my wildest expectations. From the moment ideas being to be discussed to the conceptualization of the idea and formation of the image, to the session itself, the process itself is a beautiful intimate experience created especially for you with so much passion and heart put in the process. The images themselves are literally works of art and really capture the personality and feeling of those being photographed. My children look forward to their session with Miss Jill every year and try to image what sort of adventure she will take them on. My family is the most important thing in my life and the bond between my children is incredibly special. Jill captures this in every single image and it truly makes my heart happy to look back on my sessions and see it.

Tara Silvaggio

Our favourite sessions that Luxe Images by Jill did for us were when our twins turned five. We wanted to capture this milestone while making their dreams come true. Jill’s creativity and patience with each of them made this experience one that neither of my kids will ever forget. How many kids can say they rode in a plane or on a unicorn! Thank you Jill for beautifully capturing moments that we will cherish forever.

Beth Hutchinson

Jill has photographed each milestone of our son’s life. Every one of our sessions with Jill has been amazing. Her attention to detail and unique ideas have given us the most beautiful and memorable pictures of our son. A photograph captures a moment in time; it keeps memories alive and it keeps a piece of us alive for all time. Something this important needs to be carefully considered, and I would not trust anyone other than Jill to capture and keep my family’s memories alive.

Julia Hekle

There is a vast difference between having your pictures taken and your story told! Jill’s photography is one that is able to completely seperate the two! You use photographers on your most special days, wedding birth of your children etc. When we used Jill for our wedding we could have never imagined watching our story unfold as it did! She was able to capture not only the essence of our relationship but so much more! Jill puts so much thought and creativity into every shoot and manages to haul beautiful pieces everywhere to add that special touch. The pictures from our wedding day will never be looked at as just pictures but rather as memories that we will cherish forever thank you the amazing Jill!

Jennifer Wityshyn

Miss Jill did a photo shoot for my eight-year-old daughter this past summer and the pictures were absolutely INCREDIBLE. We went to a location with a mini waterfall just outside the City on a cloudy and ominous afternoon and there was Miss Jill in her rubber boots clambering over slippery rocks in the rushing water and rain to get the best possible shots and angles. After getting some breathtaking outdoor shots, the rain cane with a vengeance came so we packed up and headed back into the city for a second shoot at her studio where she had staged a dreamy set complete with a lace backdrop where she took some more fantastic shots. Miss Jill has incredible vision:  she is artistic, creative and her attention to detail is remarkable.  She is also incredibly patient and is willing to do whatever it takes to get that perfect shot. In addition, her post-production work is the mark of a perfectionist and she clearly spends hours working on each shot so that it is just right. I would wholeheartedly recommend her for any photo shoots you may be planning.  She truly is a master behind the lens.

Ferne Pagard