1. Is a session a big financial investment?

Anything you want to be of high quality and the best it can be should be valued and cost what it is worth. I provide Luxe Collections at various price points to accommodate everyone. I want you all to be able to capture your memories and tell your story.

2. Do I get the digital files of the session?

I provide social media digital files of every session to my clients but there are also many collections offered where clients receive all High Resolution Digital files to do with as they wish. I believe that we live in a digital world and I want my digital art shared just as it would be on your walls!

3. Do you do sessions in studio, on location, etc.?

I have a few hidden secret spots for sessions! I like to find new, imaginative places that most people would not think to photograph in. We can photograph your session in studio, on location, outside, inside, wherever you dream! Aspire Studios is a fabulous rental space in Winnipeg! Check it out www.aspireprostudios.com

4. Describe your photographic style

My style is detailed, interesting and breaks some of the rules! I like to stand out, I don’t want to be the same, and my images portray this! Your session should tell your story with some intrigue and creativeness!

5. How long till I can view my gallery and receive my files?

I want you to have your images as quick as possible. I will always ask if I can put a sneak peek on Instagram within a few days of your session and I will have your session complete 2 weeks after! I deliver everything you need to you!

6. Are your props included?

I have a huge collection of props and accessories and they are all included. I will specifically choose or even shop for the perfect pieces for your session! It is all a part of the Luxe experience.

7. What are the most important beauty aspects for a subject for a session?

I have 3 Luxe Luv’s – Lips, Lashes & Locks! A great lip colour, accentuated lashes and sleek locks will make any image stunning!

8. Can we meet in person prior to booking a session?

Of course! I like to meet so we both know that we are a good fit for each other and immediately I will have several theme/style ideas in my mind for you upon meeting and getting my first impression!