I have had Jill photograph close to 10 sessions for me. They have included holiday mini-sessions, individual and group dance related sessions, indoor; as well as outdoor sessions, fun custom luxe sessions, and a sentimental mother/daughter session.

I have witnessed Jill’s work as a mother, bystander, and a subject. So, I truly am speaking from experience. I have never been disappointed!!

From the onset, she is amazing. Coming up with such creative, unique ideas/themes. Jill has always been very open and welcoming to any suggestions I have had, during the initial consultation process, as well as the shoot itself. She comes up with a vision and dives in headfirst, going above and beyond, paying lots of attention to detail. An example of this is a gorgeous paper flower floor length backdrop she hand-made specifically for our mother/daughter shoot.

Jill has always been very patient with the kids and makes everyone comfortable and at ease, all while still keeping it fun. She comes to the shoot with lots of creative poses and ideas, so you get a lot of variation in your photos.

I’ve never gotten my picture taken like that before, so I was a little nervous. She, as well as her wonderful hair and makeup team made me feel so beautiful. The whole day was an unbelievable experience that will be treasured by myself and my daughter always.

I know it’s a tough decision choosing a photographer to capture moments that cannot be duplicated. I have also seen Jill’s work many, many times and it is unbelievably stunning!!

I cannot recommend Luxe Images by Jill enough. You will not be disappointed in the experience, nor the final product. You will absolutely love it!!

Thank you Jill for capturing these priceless memories!! I look forward to many more!!

– Lenore